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building families through adoption

The firm has specialized in domestic and international adoptions for over thirty-five years, representing prospective adoptive families.The firm represents couples, (heterosexual, LGBTQ+) as well as single (women & men) prospective adoptive parents. Besides handling newborn independent domestic adoptions, the firm also specializes in step parent, second parent adoptions, grandparent and adult adoptions. Rosenstock Lowe & Nichols is experienced at handling interstate, intrastate, independent and agency assisted identified adoptions as well as the finalization of agency adoptions.

Due to the climate in the international arena, today, the practice primarily consists of domestic adoptions. However, the firm presently has a small program in Hungary in conjunction with the Alliance for Children, Inc., a Hague approved full service adoption agency. The firm still actively handles re-adoptions of cases that were finalized outside of the United States as well as finalization of international adoptions.

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building families through assisted reproductive technology (art)

The focus of the firm has always been to help create and build families. Today, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) has become another fast growing way to start or build a family. Rosenstock Lowe & Nichols will be able to compare and contrast adoption, embryo donation and surrogacy issues with you (both legal, financial and emotional) in order to help you choose the route that is right for you.

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building families through surrogacy

In April 2020 Gov. Cuomo signed legislation overturning the ban on surrogacy. The bill means that New York will allow residents to enter into paid surrogacy contracts as of Feb. 15, 2021.

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